Nature’s Head is the answer to your waste management concerns within your tiny home, cabin, bach, workshop, garage, bunker, barn or yurt.

The Nature’s Head waterless toilet is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to process your toilet waste when you have no sewer/septic system or are in areas of frequent water shortage. It’s also a practical way to reduce your ecological footprint!

This waterless toilet is completely self-contained and can be safely used in places where traditional flush toilets are impractical or where there is no water or sewage reticulation. Because Nature’s Head waterless toilets were designed for the harshest of conditions and are constructed with marine-grade stainless steel; they will stand up to years of trouble free service.

For the convenience of a modern day toilet in your structure, but not the added expense of plumbing, consider the Nature’s Head.

Eco-Living Advantages:

  • waterless: the Nature’s Head device is a ‘dry toilet’ – it doesn’t use an external water source for flushing. There’s no need for plumbing
  • economical: the unit doesn’t require any costly chemicals; merely a few of litres of peat moss or coconut coir
  • easily installed: the toilet attaches simply to the floor with two small L-brackets. A ventilation hose and other parts are supplied


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