Flow of stock out of the factory in Ohio continues to be slow due to

heavy demand both domestically and internationally.

Shipping delays are getting worse and this makes importing even more difficult.

An advance booking on our waiting list to secure your toilet is essential.

Contact us today for an update – the sooner you order, the sooner you will be supplied.

Currently, delivery from the time of ordering is very likely to exceed 10 weeks.

We are expecting this situation to ease in February 2022 with the introduction of

a new brand of waterless toilet as a further option.


Did you know that the Nature’s Head is currently the only waterless composting toilet  in N.Z. which holds the PASS Certification for use in houses and permanent or temporary domestic buildings like Tiny Homes? We meet our obligations under s14G(2) of the Building Act 2004.  Click here to download the full PASS document.

  • Completely waterless
  • No toxic holding tank
  • No blockages to clear
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Five year warranty
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • No unpleasant odours (due to separation of urine from solids)
  • Integrated moulded seat
  • Easy to clean and eco-friendly
  • Spare liquid bottles are available

Advance booking to secure your toilet is essential, contact us today for an update.

For your Tiny House, Motorhome or Boat the Nature’s Head self-contained waterless toilet

is the most innovative design and offers the best value and the most reliable solution

for personal sanitation requirements of any product in the field.

About the toilet

The toilet is self contained allowing ease of use in a wide range of environments. The Nature’s Head is light weight, odourless and compact; making it a perfect fit for motor homes, horse-floats, cabins, Tiny Homes, RV’s, workshops, boats and survival applications.

The toilet features marine grade stainless steel, is robustly constructed and is very user friendly. It’s been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and we take great pride in offering a product that is proudly manufactured in the United States.

This high quality, compact and portable waterless toilet beats anything in the New Zealand marketplace today in terms of both quality and price!

…and, consumer use shows that the base unit can contain between 60 to 80 uses for solids before it requires emptying!
The urine bottle holds 8 litres – approximately 3 days full-time use for 2 people.

Tiny Homes

Eco-Living Advantages:

  • Waterless: the Nature’s Head device is a ‘dry toilet’ – it doesn’t use an external water source for flushing. There’s no need for plumbing
  • Economical: the unit doesn’t require any costly chemicals to operate - merely a few of litres of peat moss or coconut coir
  • Easily installed: the toilet attaches simply to the floor with two small L-brackets. A ventilation hose and other parts are supplied


Motor-Home Advantages:

  • standards compliant: meets the New Zealand Standard – Self Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans  NZS 5465:2001 and amendment No.2
  • no dumping: there’s no need to find or drive to a dump station. A full holding tank will not be an emergency!
  • no odour: the separation of urine from solids eliminates the sewerage odours created in cassette based systems
  • less weight: full flush toilets in motor-homes can use up to 2 litres of water per flush. An 80 litre black tank weighs over 80kg – the majority used solely for flushing!
  • more space: The space taken up by a black-water holding tank can be used to store other items essential to the joys of motor-homes


Marine Advantages:

  • no through-hull fittings: so there is no need for any external water source for flushing
  • no pump-outs: so you don’t waste time locating and waiting for them – or paying for them!
  • reduce weight: reduce the weight of a man from the bow of your boat – no holding tanks under the berths
  • more space: free up the valuable space that those holding tanks take up

How to purchase:

Purchasing is achieved by email or phone communication directly with the importer in Kawerau, Eastern BOP New Zealand

We don’t have an online ordering facility because the commission fee we would have to pay to a Credit Card Company would inflate the cost of the toilet by around $95.00

When you’re ready to purchase, send us an email using the Contact section of this website. We’ll need to know your email address, contact phone number, delivery address and the intended use for your Nature’s Head Toilet - (motorhome, boat, tiny house, bach, bus or other).

By return email we’ll send a confirmed price to you that includes freight and gst. We’ll also indicate the likely delivery date along with our Bank Account number so that you can make payment. Currently, payment is not required until stock reaches NZ. We will email you when payment is needed.

After payment we’ll keep you informed of any delay in despatch, and when your toilet is despatched we’ll email you the Courier Tracking Number. Delivery to a non-rural address speeds up delivery by around two days.